Since 1985

The Palmer Knight Company.

As in business, cash flow management is key to successful investing.

Our Investment Philosophy

At the firm, financial decisions are based on economic truths and financial facts that are backed by historical data and academic studies — not on short-term market fads or hype. All investment decisions use critical financial evaluation with strict guidelines to achieve long-term returns and mitigate risk. The financial planning approach is consistent and does not change with the whims of the markets.

The Palmer Knight Company provides clients with cash flow and liquidity analyses, cash management, and investment management on a daily basis. The company offers a unique, customized service for each client and strives to form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. The firm also works with other financial professionals on a non-compensatory basis in the insurance, tax, and estate planning fields to provide clients with access to experts in each specific area of their financial world.

In our research efforts, we continually review market conditions and individual companies on a fundamental and technical basis to provide information critical to the client's financial security. In 1984, we established our stock portfolio performance track record with the Model Portfolio. We utilize our Model Portfolio as a basis for developing each client stock portfolios.