Since 1985

The Palmer Knight Company.

The most important financial decision you can make is where to invest your trust.

The Palmer Knight Company is a fee-for-service financial advisory and money management firm located in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded in 1985 by A. Palmer Knight, the firm provides asset management and financial consulting to individuals, corporations, and institutions. The company presently manages more than $200 million in liquid assets.

The company has contracted with Trade PMR and First Clearing LLC, a NYSE licensed broker-dealer, to provide custodial account services.

Our Clients

The Palmer Knight Company works with select individuals and businesses that share our investment philosophy and understand the importance of thoughtful, long-term investing.

Typically, our individual clients have achieved wealth but have limited time or inclination to dedicate to its preservation or growth. Our role can take many forms according to client needs and objectives, but it always starts with the development of trust and mutual respect. To receive confidential reference information, please contact us directly.

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